About me

My name is Bernardo, but I also use the name Daniel Sidhion (or Sidhion) online. I’m a Brazilian-Canadian citizen currently residing in Canada.

I mostly work with software, and am excited when the work involves multiple machines talking to each other to perform some kind of work. I have experience and enjoy lots of other areas in computing as well.

I’m good at breaking things down to their core concepts. I’m not afraid of reading lots of code, often involving multiple languages, in multiple stacks and levels of abstraction, until I figure out why things work the way they do. The irony is that I often have to do this to figure out why things don’t work the way they should work.

When I figure things out, I’m also good at explaining them, which means I have to start from smaller concepts and evolve them until the whole thing has been explained. Because of my experience doing this, I’m also good at figuring out which parts can be simplified, and how to do that in a way that keeps a system coherent at all times. This means that I can apply the same strategies to problems, and go from an ambiguous or complicated problem to multiple smaller and simpler problems, or find one (or few) core problems that should be addressed.

I’m currently working on a project which I hope will explore some new territory on how we write and run software, but also open to any opportunities that might be a good match for me. If you’d like to chat with me about what I’m working on, things you’re working on, things you’d like me to work on, or anything else, please email me! I always read emails and reply to them.

I’m a member of the Nix documentation team, where I volunteer some of my time to help other people use and understand the Nix ecosystem.

I’ll fill this page with more information at some point in the future, as I do more cool stuff.