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Notes on Project Oberon: thoughts about abstraction
Shuffling a deck of cards (or other things) in CLIPS
Public companies considered harmful
On recruiting
Life is hard. Remember to live it well
Thinking about extremes
NixOS is a good server OS, except when it isn't
One difference of working on open source vs. a company
Will we never program in plain English, even with AI?
Personal note on "Exploring a future of programming"
Exploring a future of programming
Joining the Nix Documentation team
Compiling Elixir+Mix projects that use Rustler with Nix
Log update
418 I'm a teapot
Optimizing the eviction of code containers from disk
28h Days
WireGuard inside WireGuard: Accessing my homelab through my VPN provider
Workflow engines, Kubernetes, and WebAssembly
Robbing Tamashi's
One of the best projects I worked on had zero-overhead communication
Setting up a ZFS backup with Syncoid, discovering why it's slow
The power that new tooling unlocks
Cheap Internet might just be a privacy nightmare
Thoughts on recursive structures
Interesting Links
Simple Sourcehut Deployments