418 I'm a teapot

I’m writing some specialised servers for a project I’m working on, and as a small fun thing, I’m making them return 418 for requests that make no sense. For example, passing the wrong data to /register will get you a 400 as expected, but trying to do anything on /watertheplants will return the 418 code. Basically, the catch-all just returns a 418. The reasoning being that if you don’t even know the verb and paths expected by the server, it might as well just be a teapot.

This is an example of a tiny detail which most people will never even know exists, but is a twist in a serious project to remind me that it’s not worth it if you can’t also have some fun.

I hope I can find more chances to introduce these playful twists in this project, either for internal details or externally as well.